Branchpipe Nozzles With Controller Handle (Aluminum)


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CODES Connection Connection Diameter (mm)
TFN-14 51
TFN-15 2 66
TFN-16 89

Product Features

TS 3145 Lans – For Fire Hoses

  • The tube of the lance is aluminum and its outer surface is covered with rubber.
  • It has a control lever that can operate in two positions (closed, open).
  • There is a sealing gasket in the connection part to the record.
  • Made in German type.
  • The fog quenching tolerance of the nozzle is between 0 (zero) degrees and 120 (one hundred and twenty) degrees.
  • The weight of the nozzle is 1.250 kg.
  • 2 ”- 2,5” options are available.
  • It is TSE 3145 certified.

Usage Areas

  • Used on hose ends