E Type Fire Hose


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CODES Internal diameter- (inch) Internal diameter- (mm) Width- (mm)
TH-83 1 25 39

Product Features

  • TS EN 694: 2014 Semi-Rigid Fire Hose Used for Fixed Systems.
  • Hoses are 1 ‘(inch) and inner diameter of hoses is 25mm (± 1mm).
  • It has a solid, durable and light physical structure.
  • It is resistant to UV rays, ozone and weather conditions.
  • It has a semi-rigid structure and is easy to use.
  • It has an inner lining that reduces friction loss and ensures strong adhesion to the fabric surface.
  • There is an inner lining that can provide flexibility at very low temperatures.
  • It has a round form supported with high strength, 2200 dtex, industrial polyester, weft yarn and 384 filament yarn.
  • It is produced with double knitting yarn that increases resistance to high pressure.
  • It is produced using specially formulated PVC.
  • It has a primer and an outer cover layer that reduces friction loss and provides strong adhesion to the woven surface.

Usage Areas

  • Industrial public and fire brigades.
  • Civil and mining engineering applications.
  • Agricultural practices and irrigation.
  • Military institutions.