FCV-C Series

FCV-C Series hydraulic flow control valves with check allow shut-off and the adjustment of the flow in one direction and free flow passage in the opposite direction via the built-in check valve.
Flow control valves provide reliable and easy control of fluid by means of the control knob allows adjustments.
The setscrew on the knob allows the knob to be locked, preventing movements and changes due to vibration.
FCV-C Series flow control valves are widely used in many fields especially in industrial units and elevating platforms by controlling and protecting of fluid power precisely and providing accurate settings for fluid speed.


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Technical Specifications

Working Temperature -20 °C / 100 °C
Available Threads BSP – NPT
Flow Rate Up to 50 l / min
Available Sizes From 3/8″ to 1/2″
Material Carbon Steel
Operating Pressure Up to 350 Bar
Sealing Description Nitrile NBR


FCV-C Series


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