Gost Type Hose Coupling


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CODES Diameter (inch) Max. Work Pressure (Bar)
GC-1 2 24
GC-2 24
GC-3 3 24

Product Features

  • Russian model.
  • Made of aluminum metal injection method.
  • Unions are covered with protective paint against corrosion or tin.
  • Union claws can be easily fitted to each other, lance and valve unions.
  • Unions can be used up to 25 bar without leakage.
  • Union seals are made of water resistant, non-fibrous material and do not leak under maximum pressure.
  • The pipe part of the fittings is 67 mm. Long.
  • The pipes of the fittings have 3 nodes.
  • 2 ”- 2,5” – 3 ”options are available.

Usage Areas

  • It is attached to the hose ends.