TC Fire Dress

Professional Firefighters should prefer EN 469 Level 2 suits which have the highest protection level regarding to issues that have vital importance such as heat, flame, water and steam. They should avoid to use suits that have low protection level which any one of resistance values of convective heat, radiant heat, water permeability and water steam is of Level 1. For instance, (Xf2, Xr2, Y2, Z1 low level of protection) Firefighter suits are generally produced in two pieces – jacket and trousers which consist of 4 layers – outer fabric, moisture barrier, heat barrier and inner liner. It is required these two piece firefighter suits to bear CE marking that indicates conformity with 89/686/EC directives.


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Product Features

  • PROTEK® Firefighter Suit; It has performance and protection level beyond standards.
  • PROTEK® Firefighter Suits provide effective protection from high temperature by forming air pockets between layers.
  • PROTEK® Firefighter Suits are of EN 469 standards and have level 2, which is maximum protection level ( Xf2, Xr2, Y2, Z2 ).
  • PROTEK® Firefighter Suits are in compliance with 89/686/EC directive and have CE certification.


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