THB Helmet


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Product Features

  • Helmets have insulation that prevents heat and flame and sparks that may get in from gap between outer shell and visor.
  • Helmet visor has dimensions that it can be closed on when full-face mask of breathing apparatus is worn.
  • On front face of helmet there are empty spaces to place emblems and logs.
  • There is head fitting mechanist at the back of helmet. Thanks to this mechanism, it is enabled to adjust helmet in a manner to fit its user’s head.
  • Helmet has built-in air ducts in order to provide comfort to its user.
  • Helmet has transparent face shield that is made of polyether sulfone material, and that is movable, scratch resistant, and anti-fog. Resistance of face shield was tested up to 300 ºC in accordance with EN 14458-2004. Face shield has panoramic feature and thus it provides wide angle of vision. Face shield is 2mm in thickness and 20 cm in length.
  • Helmets can be used with fully closed glasses and normal glasses. There is a neck protection part that is made of leather in helmet.
  • Its weight is approximately 1,350 kg together with visor and neck protection. Helmet is screwed and can be adjustable up to 50-65 cm. firefighter helmets have certificate of conformity for “EN 443:2008 Firefighter Helmets” standards.
  • THB Model helmets provide firefighters upmost level of protection that they need. In THB helmets that are designed by considering recommendations of professional firefighters; state of art technology products and quality materials that provide matchless head protection, superior comfort, long useful life and durability.