TM-40 Series

The TM-40 valve is assembled and tested as per the technical specification of this catalog. Before the final installation on your equipment, follow the below recommendation:
The valve can be assembled in any position, in order to prevent body deformation and spool sticking mount the product on a flat surface;
In order to prevent the possibility of water entering the lever box and spool control kit, do not use high pressure wash down directly on the valve;
Prior to painting, ensure plastic port plugs are tightly in place.


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Technical Specifications

Nominal Flow rating / Displacement 40 l/min 11 U.S.G.P.M
Max. Working Pressure 250 bar 3600 PSI
Max. Back Pressure 25 bar 360 PSI
Oil Temperature with NBR Seals -20 to 80 C -4 to 180 F
Oil Temperature with FPM (Viton) Seals -20 to 100 C -4 to 200 F
Number Of Spools 1


TM-40 Series


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