One, Two, Three way divider With Ball Valve or Screw Down Valve options

Fire Valves


Water Pumps

Hydraulic Driven Water Pump for Apartment HVAC systems, Washing systems, Irrigation watering systems, Drainage systems, Hvac systems, Energy production area, Industrial areas applications.


Monoblock Valves

From 40 to 80 liter Monoblock Valves with BSP, UNF, NPT Threaded options


Hydraulic Mini Power Packs for Dock Levelers, Factory Automation, Parking Systems, Scissors Lifts, Security Gates, Small Goods Lifts, Lift Gate, Electric Stacker, Snow Plough, Telescopic Dock Leveler, Tipper, Wheelchair Lift applications.

Hydraulic Power Packs

Hydraulic Power Packs

Solutions for every business need.


If you have any doubts or problems on your application let us know, so we can make calculations for you.

Equipment Variety

After we select suitable product for your project we provide all equipments you need.

After Sale

If you have any doubt or problem on your app, our aftersale engineering team will assist you immediately.


Hydraulic Equipments

Dump – tipper trucks, tipper trailer trucks, hydraulic refuse packers, garbage trucks, cesspit emptier trucks, vacuum excavator, snow ploughs, road sweepers, fuel tankers, asphalt spreaders, salt spreaders, mobile hydraulic vehicle cranes, tow trucks, hook loaders, skip loaders, car carriers, fire fighting trucks, combination sewer cleaning vehicles, water trucks. All of them needs hydraulic system.

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Fire Truck Equipments

Fire fighting truck one of the most important commercial trucks in the sector. Whole jungle, complete apartments or even sometimes a life can be saved thanks to fire fighting trucks. Specializing not only in hydraulic sector but also in fire rescue market TORA team has a long time experience. Beside all necessary calculations TORA can provide many accessories for fire fighting truck and even for the fire fighters. Let’s make fly your fire truck with TORA.

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Water Truck Equipments

We would like to send you complete package for your water trucks. TORA can provide; hydraulic driven water pump, water pump, water tank, head valves, head nozzles, inline valves, threaded valve, electric groove, sprayhead valve, spray nozzles, sprayhead nozzles, hose barb, weld pipe fittings, malleable iron fittings, hoses, hose nozzles, hose clamp, groove fittings, manual valves & fittings/gaskets, sprayhead kits.

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Truck Spare Parts

Cardan shaft, mudguards, brake systems, air compressor, trailer, tank, lock mechanism, compactor and any spare part for commercial trucks. Please contact us for any request.

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Let us know if you have any doubts or problems on your application.

Highly-skilled, independent professional engineering team.

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